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2008-09-12, 08:10

To cover the entire area of the house I have three wireless connection-points. They are all Linksys dedicated access-points which function well. They are configured with the same WEP-key and SSID but are operating on different channels. In the neighbourhood there are no other access-points that operate on these specific channels.

When walking around with a laptop PC it is roaming and switching to the accesspoint with the best reception depending on where I am.

With the controller I am loosing connection quite often. I am not sure if it is depending on how I move around the house. Seems like it can happen anywhere. So the questions are:
Is the controller built to roam with a setup like this? If not, how should I set it up? Is it better to have a dedicated, long-range connection-point with its own SSID? Can I somehow see on what channel it connects to debug it more thoroughly?

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2008-09-12, 08:54
hi Hakan-

currently we don't support wifi roaming, but it's an open bug that we intend to fix:



2008-09-13, 11:00
IIRC from following the bug, the reason it's not trivial is that it has to be done without using significant extra battery power.

2008-09-14, 01:20
Hi again.

One good thing is that if it looses connection entirely it will acquire a new access-point (strongest one it seems like).

One not so good thing is when I look in the "Wireless network" and select my network SSID it says state connected, ip address assigned, SNR around 50 and a TX rate of 54MB/s. So the values look good but the network connection icon is blue and I do not have a connection. It seems to get confused in some way.

I have fixed it in a not so good way by inserting an extra access-point centrally and assigned it its own SSID. Seems to work better with only one that (more or less) covers the area.

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