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2008-09-12, 04:59
How do I create a basic playlist? Not looking for a dynamic playlist. Running SC on Windows 2003 (WHS). Do I need to use a third party application and then import or is there a way to do it natively?



2008-09-12, 05:34
It's easy to create a playlist of local files (playlist will be in .m3u format) using the Squeezecenter web interface. You need to have set up a Playlist directory in Squeezecenter (either a new folder or an existing one) - see Settings/Music Library.

Open up Squeezecenter webpage (http://<youriphere>:9000)

Select songs from your library by clicking the Add symbol to add them to the right hand pane of the screen.

When you are happy with the playlist, click the save button at the bottom of the right hand side of the screen.

Give your playlist a name and save it! It will then appear in the playlists section of your library.

You can also create and save a playlist via the player screen (assuming you have an SB3 or Boom) and via the Controller by a similar process, but it's a bit harder finding your way around your music if you have a big collection.

You can also import .m3u files and other playlist formats, providing that the path of the playlists is one that Squeezecenter will recognise as being the path to your music library.

2008-09-13, 09:52
Wondered why this wouldn't work and all it was the directory I needed to create. Great stuff thanks for taking the time to post.

2008-09-24, 23:07
My playlist saves correctly in my computers folder when a create it. But it disappear from my handcontrol next time i rescan music library. The paylist is still on my computer.?

windows vista, duet

2008-09-25, 00:55
Someone had exactly the same problem yesterday. It turned out that the .m3u file type was disabled on his setup.

Go to Settings/Advanced/File Types and check that you don't have anything in the "Disabled Playlist Extensions" box. If you do, clear the entry, save and do a playlist only rescan.

If that isn't your problem, turn on playlist debugging (Settings/Advanced/Logging and change Formats.playlist, scan.import and scan.scanner to Debug), create a fresh playlist in SC, save it, then do a playlist only rescan. Then have a look at scanner.log (Settings/Status). It should give you an idea where things are going wrong. Remember to change the debugging flags back to Error when you're done or the logs will be huge before you know it!

2008-09-25, 13:30
thanks for answer

first row in the debug, why cant it create new preferences dir ?

[08-09-25 21:45:18.0095] Slim::Utils::Prefs::__ANON__ (269) Error: can't create new preferences directory at C:\DOCUME~1\㋈瑵

2008-09-25, 14:10
Do you have a playlist folder set in SC?

Do you run XP as English language or some other language?

Are you running an antivirus or firewall?

I haven't seen that "Prefs:_____ANON_______" bit before - it may be peculiar to WHS but I suspect the developers may need to comment.

2008-09-26, 11:47
I run vista in swedish language

hm it works when my playlist is on c:user\....... not when i place it on d:
ok I can live with that.

2008-09-26, 12:48
That sounds like a permissions issue. Is d:/ a network attached drive or another hard drive in the WHS server?

I would guess that user "squeezecenter" needs to have explicit write or execute access to the share on the d:/, as opposed to just read access.

If you're happy to go with playlists on c:/ no problem - otherwise happy to suggest a couple of things that you could try to make d:/ work for playlists.

2008-09-30, 14:03
d: is on the same computer

It would be great if you could give me some tips how to make d: working for playlist.