View Full Version : Is this a normal brightness behavior?

2008-09-12, 04:54
Hi, all. I know there is a thread on the brightness of the Boom in a darkened room, but it doesn't address the behavior I'm finding with mine. While I find the lowest brightness acceptable for sleeping, my Boom doesn't seem to want to stay there. In a dark room it seems to bump up one level in brightness once it settles into it's "Now playing" screensaver - which in my case is time and date. When I use the front panel knob to adjust the volume, the display darkens down to its lowest setting again, but then after about 15 seconds it bumps back up. Does anyone else notice this? Is it a feature that I'm misunderstanding?


2008-09-12, 05:41
It sounds like you have the auto brightness feature enabled - the lowest that this will go is "one up from lowest" brightness.

If brightness is set to automatic (when off or idle, as you prefer) change this to 1 - Settings/Player/Display and apply.

2008-09-12, 05:44
There are several states where you can set brightness. From memory, Idle brightness is the one where you aren't touching any of the controls and a different one for when you are. Just mentioning it because I had them unintentionally different at one time and it looked like what you are describing... On the player they are in settings, display, brightness, and then scroll up and down.

2008-09-12, 06:21
Thanks, guys. I'll look again at my settings.

2008-09-12, 06:45
I've seen something like what you have described and all brightness setting are set to automatic.

You do have to be careful that light reflected from face/hands near the display also causes the display to brighten up.