View Full Version : SqueezeBox Duet - 2 squeezecenters

2008-09-12, 04:36
I have a little problem that I hope some of you can help me with.
I would like to run two squeezecenters (or more) on one pc so that I can separate my girlfriends music from mine. And maybe have an extra server for temp music/new music - Is that possible?

And would this also work if I bought another SqueezeBox for another room (playing the same stream on both)?

Or is there a better solution to this?



2008-09-12, 06:09
The best solution is to run one instance of Squeezecenter but to install the Multi Library plugin to separate out your and your girlfriend's music.

You can run two instances of Squeezecenter, but it will be pretty resource heavy and you will need to switch the player between each instance every time you want to swap libraries. There is a plugin that speeds up this process called ServerSwitcher, but I'm not sure if it is up to date for 7.2.

And, yes, you can syncronise two players so long as they are both connected to the same instance of Squeezencenter.

2008-09-12, 10:45
How about taking a look at Erlands MultiLibrary and CustomBrowse plugins, they might do what you need.

EDIT: a link might help - http://erland.homeip.net/download/