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2008-09-12, 04:05
Apparently 18,00 recordings in FLAC or 320kbps mp3.



2008-09-12, 08:52
Items from Universal/Decca are MP3 only, other labels - mainly Chandos/Naxos/EMI are MP3 and FLAC.

I downloaded some items today - not entirely painless: the site was slow, and using Opera on a Mac [someone has to] I couldn't download albums as an entirety as you're supposed to be able to do, just track by track. The tagging isn't bad, but needed tweaking to my preferred format. No cover art is included with the download, as it is with Linn for instance, but most albums have a cover image showing on the web page that you can drag 'n drop into the right folder.

I haven't played the files yet, but hope for good things. For lovers of 20th Century British music the inclusion of large chunks of the Chandos and Naxos catalogues is really welcome.

2008-09-13, 06:28
Pricing model is non-starter, no doubt based on marketing dweebs decision to fleece the punters in 'rip-off' Britain. Same price for FLAC with no artwork as full retail price of the CD! No thanks, I'll stick to Amazon and ripping.

2008-09-13, 10:20
amcluesent wrote:
> Pricing model is non-starter. Same price for FLAC with no artwork as
> full retail price of the CD. No thanks, I'll stick to Amazon and
> ripping.

I don't understand why the music bits sellers don't get this. They have
to be cheaper than Amazon or massively easier. I just put albums on my
wishlist until I get enough for free shipping, and then order them.

There is actually a cost of making a CD physically, it varies with
volume, but you can use one dollar as a good estimate.

Without the CD, I expect it to be roughly a buck cheaper without even
thinking about shipping and handling.

Pat Farrell

2008-09-15, 07:18
Idea - good.
Pricing - la la land.

2008-09-15, 08:59
Why not write/email to Passionato and tell them to cop on to themselves?

I'd be happy to buy from a company with a good repertoire of classical and jazz which was willing to supply me in lossless format (FLAC preferably), and which would charge me less for a download than for a CD.

I'm not prepared to download from a company which charges more for FLAC than for mp3. Linn offers CD quality and Studio quality on its downloads, and charges a premium for the Studio quality. Fair enough.