View Full Version : SC 7.3 (Nightly) play wave files, without sound.

2008-09-12, 03:48
I'll thought i'll try SC 7.3-23xxx.tgz on my Synology NAS.
It plays mp3,mp2 and ogg, however, wave files ar played without any soud, complete muted!

The latest SC 7.2 play wave files, with sound.
I know it is still very beta and a nightly build, but...
Has anyone encounter this?

2008-09-13, 09:52
A short reply to myself.
Because i've tried SC 7.3-23161.tgz and it is more worser.
Because wave-files are now just 'scrolling' file1,file2,file3....and so on,
in a endless loop, first file ---> last file, and starting over.....
So I went back to SC 7.2

Another one confirm this problem also.