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2008-09-11, 14:53
Is there a plugin or some way I can play m4a files in Squeezebox? Else, is there a way I can log all files that won't play so I can locate and delete/ or convert them manually?

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2008-09-11, 15:11
Mine plays m4a files without any plugin - just works straight out the box. All my files are Apple Lossless and are m4a.

2008-09-11, 15:22

It really depends on the contents of the m4a files. Squeezebox won't play DRMed m4a files (i.e. files bought through the iTunes Music Store). However, Squeezebox should play other m4a files, that are not DRMed. However, SqueezeCenter 7.2 has introduced a bug (see bug report 9420), and cannot play some m4a files (Apple Lossless) in some circumstances (when the operating system is Linux, or when m4a files cannot be converted to mp3).

Therefore, I would recommend you to think about deleting your m4a files. You may have bought them from Apple, and therefore not wish to delete them. Or, another version of SqueezeCenter (the previous version 7.1, or a version yet to be released) may play them just fine.

I hope to have helped you.



2008-09-11, 15:37
SC will not play DRMed files. The following applies to files without DRM.

SC on OSX and Windows (if Quicktime is installed) will play m4a (both lossless & lossy compression) file without any additions /changes.

SC on supported Linux (I.e. x86 based) will normally play Appless Lossless except a bug in 7.2 has disabled this.

SC running on Linux need a application such as faad or mplayer and some changes to conf file to play m4a lossy compression files.

Mark Lanctot
2008-09-15, 06:14
Don't DRMed files have an .m4p ('protected') extension?

Also SC has extensive logging and debugging options. I'm not sure which one to use to show files which fail to play, maybe "player.source"?

You can download and install SqueezeCenter at any time, it's free.

Eric Seaberg
2008-09-15, 07:00
Don't DRMed files have an .m4p ('protected') extension?

Yes, Mark, you are correct.