View Full Version : SC 7.2 volume issues

2008-09-10, 23:23
I normally listen to internet radio while the Duet receiver is using my Windows PC as the Music Source. I keep my Denon receiver volume level at about 4 and the volume on the Duet remote at about 50%. This results in a pleasant volume level.

Last night, since my PC was off, I setup the Duet to use SqueezeNetwork to listen to Internet radio. When the stream started playing, it about blasted my socks off!!! I had to turn the volume knob on the Denon receiver down to about 1/4 of 1. It was ridiculous. Could the Slim team look into this?

2008-09-11, 03:05
Did you check to see what the volume level was on the SB itself? I can't remember but I think the SB volume is set per the preferences on the Squeezenetwork which is different to those that would be saved on your local server preferences.
Of course if have locked the digital outs and you are using those then ignore the above!!