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2008-09-10, 09:38
I recently finished setting up 2 duet receivers in my house and they are working great.

The only thing I miss is my XM radio. I have an account but the SC plugin for SC 7.2 doesn't seem to function via the remote controller.

I've been checking for an updated plugin but I was also thinking that since Sirius is accessible via SN (don't need to have the computer on, which is a plus) and since Sirius and XM have recently merged, are there plans to offer XM via SN as well?

I don't know of a tech based reason which could prove problematic and now, it seems, contractual obstacles should not exist either.


Howard Passman
2008-09-10, 09:51
Certain things seemed destined to *never* happen.
No extra cradles for the Controller and no SB supported XM.

Quite a few of us would love either and or, but we apparently aren't making enough noise.

Anyhoo, the XM plugin 2.0 should work, but for the sake of ease, you should use the "Classic" skin in SC. Even then you have to always control it from SC and not the Controller. At least for me that's the only way you can get it to work. Also, you cannot syncronize two receivers when playing XM. It'll drive you nuts trying to figure it out because sometimes it works for a little while.

When you start it in SC it will show on the Controller, but that's all. Just the ICON.

I'm equally bummed since I really like XM. Internet radio is o.k. sometimes, but I find my stations are not always there and my favorite blues station shut down all together. Pandora is O.K. and you should try it, but it still isn't XM.

Have fun


2008-09-10, 22:07
Well XM gets my vote as well, and maybe it will be a moot point with the Sirius and XM merger. I don't see why they support Sirius, and not XM, is there really that much difference?? The base for XM must be in the old plug-in as it works, as you all said, it's just not Duet friendly, but it doesn't seem a far cry that could be fixed.

If I were a programmer I'd try it myself, but alas I am not, so have to sit back and hope someone pics that up and runs with it at some point..