View Full Version : Amp/Speaker vs active speaker setup sb3 duet

2008-09-10, 08:29
Hi all, i am a novice to this forum.

I want to buy a complete wireless setup for 3 rooms and i like to get some suggestion about amp/speaker vs active speaker setups for this sb duet. So that i can calculate the total cost and decide!!! Yes i am a beginner and yes my english typing could be better - try my best (live in switzerland).

I am more the convenience than the audiophile person, but also dont want crappy pc-speakers, but a decent soundsystem. I am looking for a nice output setup for the mainroom and two a bit less expensive for the bedroom and the kitchen. The price should be from $500 - $1500 without sb duet (i really dont know what is right for me, i read so much threads about it and didnt find the right ones), or more if i think its worth it.

Also i got some questions for accurate outputs for sb3 duet:

- Auto standby, auto sensing, auto power on/off setups are often too sensible or dont function at all. I know there is ampswitch and a lot of other options for fixing this issues. But i am rather interested in out-of-the-box solutions. In the bedroom the amp or the actives should poweroff/standby automatically when not used - and i think in the other rooms i prefer this too.

- Has the analog out better auto on/off capabilities than the digital?

- Is auto on/off really so important? Some say a T-amp saves you this headache anyway (low power consumption). What Speaker and what T-amps go together? I guess this would be a possible way in kitchen and bedroom.

- Do you know a setup 2 Speakers, 1 Sub with or without amp with auto standby for ALL the components? I guess this could be the mainroom.

- How do you power down/fire up a duet system by remote with all attached components?

Yes - i want push a button and everthing is quiet and dark (at least in bedroom) and yes - i want to push a button let there be music in my whole apartment

Very curious for concrete suggestion and experiences, tks in advance!