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2008-09-10, 03:16
I have just received my SBDuet to add to my exsisting system. Had no problem configuring the controller but could not get anything out of the receiver :-( . Initaly the SBR seemed dead, no lights, no response to the button, no activity on the LAN connector when wired. Then for no reason about 30 mins later I saw a solid red light. Then managed to reset the unit but still it was not visable from the controller.

Thanks to timmorris and NetUDAP tool I was able to find the unit and perform a manual config. But performance is poor cos of my WLAN, I think. Any one know how I configure the SBR for LAN?

2008-09-11, 02:33
I think that my SBR is unhappy. Using NetUDAP I have managed to configure the thing to work off the LAN but the LED just flashes Purple which indicates a HW fault, yet it appears to be working.

Is there a way to reload/update the firmware?

2008-09-11, 02:47

Press and Hold Button for more than 6 secs - does a Factory reset and reprograms Xilinx.

2008-09-11, 02:56
Thanks for the prompt reply. I have done that a few times now while mucking around with UDAP but I get no feedback from the button it is permantly flashing Purple. If I hold the button in while powering up the LED seems to permantly cycle through the colours.

Are there it is, thanks for the LED map. The flashing light (2 in my case)means a wireless card fault which would explin why I could not configure it with the SBC. Just does not explain why out of the box there were no lights initially.

2008-09-11, 02:59
Lots of possibilities such as a loose wireless card may have been making intermittent contact disrupting power up and now there is no longer intermittent contact.

Anyhow - hardware fault - RMA the unit.