View Full Version : Boom first impressions. First Squeezebox too.

2008-09-10, 03:03
I ordered the Boom on the day it was announced and it arrived yesterday in the UK - quite a reasonable timeframe I think. Its my first Slim Device.

As for packaging, everyone has an opinion on the cloth bag. Yes, it is nice but it adds no value for me. I have no idea what to do with it yet, and would be just as happy if it wasn't there.

The Boom hardware is truly excellent. Great sound quality, small size, nice screen, good looks, soft touch buttons, smart backlighting, and quality rubber feet so it doesn't slide around. It has everything really and I'm very happy with it. Thanks!

Setting up was pretty easy. Entering my long WPA2 key wasn't all that much fun, but it couldn't be better. I did make a mistake near the beginning of the key by missing out a character and it wasn't completely clear how to navigate around what I had entered. I figured it out quickly after unpacking the remote. The '+ Add' button to add a character was nice and intuitive, but it took me a little while to realise that you could use a trailing ' ' (space) to get rid of characters if you had put in too many. Whatever, I got there in the end and thanks to the capacitor I hope I don't have to do that again!

I noticed the little thump from the speakers when the Boom (re)boots up. It happens so rarely its a non-issue, but it surprised me a little as I guess I thought it would be a little more polished. I also noticed the quiet standby hum from the speakers straight away. My Boom is far enough away so it isn't a big deal, but if it was on a bedside table it would be. The ambient light sensor for the screen is a really nice touch, but I had the lights down low in my room and it was probably on the threshold of one of the light levels, it was being erratic and had a mind of its own. If the sensor is behind the front panel is it possible that it can be confused by the reflection of its own VFD?

Up to this point, I'm loving this little box. So far the bugs are fairly minor for a newly released device and its very good fun to play with. I am having problems though - I'm going to start a new thread because this one is already a bit long.