View Full Version : configuring squeezebox duet receiver without remote?

2008-09-09, 19:53
I'm thinking about buying a squeezebox duet receiver, which I want to control with my iphone using ipeng (this way I don't need to buy the remote). Is it possible to configure the receiver (ie set up the wireless network) without the remote?

2008-09-09, 20:25
It's not an officially supported solution.
but there is a beta software tool you can use. See this tread:

The reason for Logitech to sell SBR only is that then you can complement your existing installation with more Receivers.
But you can use the NET-UDAP tool (as described in the link) to set up networking for the receiver.

You might have to briefly flick on DHCP in your router and disable security so you can make initial contact, I *think* it's also possible to set either of the interfaces via a network cable, its not that easy to use this tool but it will do the work.

One question do you want to use SqueezeNetwork ?

It's not yet possible to switch a Receiver between your local PC running SqueezeCenter and SqueezeNetwork without a Controller.
SqueezeNetwork makes it possible to listen to web radio without your PC on.

But as you are using iPeng i think you need your SqueezeCenter running anyway ? if i'm not wrong, so you listen to web radio trough your PC, this is working realy good, in some cases better than SN.

2008-09-10, 10:27
Thanks a lot for the pointer to NET-UDAP, it seems to do exactly what I want.

So you're saying that I need to choose between running music/radio from squeezenetwork and running music/radio from a local PC? I haven't worked with iPeng yet, but are you saying that it doesn't work with squeezenetwork?

In the future I may buy a NAS external drive capable of running squeezecenter, in which case all of the above problems don't exist, right?

2008-09-11, 09:35
Eh i'm not familiar with ipeng ? but most other solutions with skins for nokia web tablets and phones etc, actually browse your servers WEB-UI aka SqueezeCenter, there are skins for handheld pc and so.

But what i'm saying is that you can only use net udap to conect a SBR to your local SqueezeCenter (which can run on a nas to).

For the classic players like SB2 & SB3 (now renamed SB classic) Transporter et al, theres a possibility to switch these players to SqueezeNetwork from the WEB-UI in SqueezeCenter, this option is not present for the Reciever.
If you can control SqueezeCenter with an external device I suppose you can shift all the classic players back and forth from SN to SC

What normaly happens when you you do this from the pc instead of the remote is that you get redirected to the SqueezeNetwork web page where you can log in to your account.
I dont know if Ipeng or any other of the third party aplications for running the WEB-UI on phones follow this redirect possible ? i don't know ?

But this does not matter the only thing that can make the Reciever go from local SqueezeCenter to SqueezeNetwork is a Controller , so even if Ipeng did work with SqueezeNetwork it does not matter.

Your probably better served by buying a Classic Squeezebox the prices are going down now, it's not that much more expensive than an Receiver.

All devices that run your player actually controlls the SqueezeCenter or SqueezeNetwork which in turn controlls your player.

So both Ipeng and controller would work with any SqueezeBox.

So an SB classic with Ipeng what about that ? the SB classic's networking is set up by it's ir remote and frankly the Classic SB is much more reliable.

I have one controller and one SB3 (classic) and one Reciever.
I think that a bundled price on SB classic + controller would be ultimate combo (at a reasonable price).

I think the Ipeng developer is somewhere on the forum ? ask him about the details about using Ipeng I will only confuse you if I ramble on more :)

2009-06-19, 16:45
I'm using ubuntu 9.04.
I unzipped the program and cd into the directory with the program. When I issue the command I get this error:

joshua@via-desktop:~/tags/RELEASE_1.0.0/scripts$ ls
decode_msgs.pl find_if.pl test_module.pl udap_shell.pl
joshua@via-desktop:~/tags/RELEASE_1.0.0/scripts$ sudo udap_shell.pl
sudo: udap_shell.pl: command not found


2009-06-19, 23:33
In the scripts directory, try:
sudo ./udap_shell.pl

The current directory isn't in the "path" (or something like that) so you have to tell it where the program "really is". HTH.

2009-06-22, 05:50
In the scripts directory, try:
sudo ./udap_shell.pl

The current directory isn't in the "path" (or something like that) so you have to tell it where the program "really is". HTH.

Thank you.