View Full Version : Love my Boom

Mitch Harding
2008-09-09, 19:04
Of course I bought a Boom as soon as I got the announcement. It may
not have been a wise investment since I also just bought a house and
have been watching my money fly away as I repair/improve various
things before I move in. I don't have any computers set up over there
yet, although I did get the DSL hooked up and brought over my old
wireless router, so I could use my laptop when I am there. I've found
that the Boom is perfect for listening to music when I'm at the new
house. At first I had planned on installing SC on my laptop, but so
far internet radio has kept me occupied and happy. I found out that
one of the local stations I like has an internet feed which I was able
to find via Squeezenetwork, and I've been dividing my time between
that and last.fm (radioIO was not working for some reason). This is
actually the first time I've extensively used Squeezenetwork, and I am
impressed. Anyway, the real point of this post was kudos to Slim
Devices for another great product!