View Full Version : Network config help

Mark Palmberg
2004-04-05, 14:16
I need to move my computer setup into another room in my house. Which is fine, 'ceptin' the new room doesn't have a cable hookup, and I can't run Ethernet to the room from my router.

I have an iBook connected to an external FW drive that holds all my tunes. iBook's connected to my Netgear router via Ethernet, so it has a static IP that my SLiMP3 player in the living room connects to wirelessly via the router.

My question is, if I leave my router in the room it's in now and move my iBook and FW drive to another room, can I use the iBook's "DHCP using static IP" connection option to communicate with the SLiMP3 player wirelessly via the router? Does this make sense? Anyone tried anything like this? TIA.