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2008-09-09, 16:32
Came home this evening to find that the power had gone out during the day today, no biggie I thought...

Fired up the computer that runs SC and warmed up my amp, SC is running, but nothing on the display of my TP or SB3 (SBR is blue), hummmm... Rebooted everything, etc. and none of my squeeze devices can find SC. They all are on the network and can play internet radio through SN and they all can see my computer which runs SC (ip address is static and has not changed).

Fired up one of the laptops to see if it could bring up SC remotely and sure enough, no problem there. Windows (XP SP2) firewall has the same three exceptions for SC as it has had for years now.

Router is a WRT54GL and seems to be operating as before.

Plugging my SBR into the router does not help the problem, still get the blue light.

When any of the players are on SN, SC recognizes this and they show up in the drop down list in the upper right. If you select the player to disconnect from SN, it will not reconnect to SC.

Anyone have some ideas to try? I've been so happy with the performance of the whole system as of late (once SC 7.1 came out, before that I was ready to throw the SBC out the window!!)

Thanks in Advance!!

2008-09-10, 06:23
have you checked for a clash of IP addresses if you are using DHCP?

Phil Leigh
2008-09-10, 09:45
Try doing a reset of the SB - that seemed to help others after power failures

2008-09-10, 16:22
Well, I wish I could give some great response as to how I fixed everything, but I have no clue, came home this evening, fired up the computer and everything responds like normal... I LOVE computers/networks!!!

Anyway, thanks for those who responded, I had rebooted everything from the router to doing factory resets on the SBs, but who knows!!