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2008-09-09, 16:08
In another "Boom" thread I have been challenged as being the ONLY person, out of hundreds, who has raised as an issue.... the lack of an Optical Audio IN connection.

My feeling is that the "Boom" is a super product with it's vast capability as a really integrated music, radio, alarm clock etc etc etc makes an ideal combination with an HD LCD in a Master Bedroom setting. Especially as it could also replace poor LCD speakers. However, the "Boom" only has a line in audio connector, NO optical connection.

So do people agree with SlimDevices that

A) A line IN audio connection is sufficent


B) ASAP an Optical audio IN connection should be offered

My Vote is B)

2008-09-09, 16:37
What's wrong with analog? With utmost respect to Caleb, as good as the Boom speakers are I can't imagine being able to tell the difference between it's internal DAC and one in an STB or whatever when playing a TV soundtrack.

2008-09-09, 17:42
From a design perspective I believe strongly that a portable(ish) product does not *need* an optical IN. You have to make choices when you position a product.

If you have a portable boom box what other portable product do you have with an optical out? I can think of maybe a couple items like this out of thousands of portable products.

If they did include an optical IN about how many of the owners do you think would use it? I would wager less than 5%. On this alone the inclusion is a waste of components and drives up the cost.

Add to all of this that the speakers on the boom would never really represent the optical quality and I think a reasonable person can accept a design with no optical.

Ben Sandee
2008-09-09, 17:42
Certainly I vote (A). The extremely competitive price-point dictates this,
in my opinion.


2008-09-09, 18:10
I think the issue here is that there are 3 distinct use cases. All overlapping quite a bit. 1) portable, 2) kitchen, and 3) bedroom.

There are compromises required to hit those areas. Namely (from these forum threads and not intended to be a definitive, or even agreed upon, list) 1) battery, 2) colors, and 3) use as a small, self-contained AVR.

I can certainly see the point that it would be overkill to have both an AV system with an SB3 and a boom in the same room from a price perspective. The sb3 doesn't have the alarm reliability plus the additional complexity of having to start up the AV system to be an alarm clock while the boom doesn't have the digital ins/outs to be an AV system (or occasionally part of one).

Personally, after listening to the boom for several months I'd have to say that it is almost certainly better than my current AV system in the bedroom even with "just" analog line in. Although, I'm completely confident that Caleb's digital processing would be able to make it even better I just feel (my personal opinion completely unmixed with any facts here) that if I really wanted to get a really significant bump in performance I'd need to go with some sort of full AVR with surround, etc.

My main concern here is really with physical layout. I would want the boom in an AV use to be positioned across the room by the TV. As an alarm clock I'd want it by the bed. I can't remember if the "sleep" button on the remote worked the same way as the snooze button on the top of the unit but, if nothing else, I'd like to see the clock...

Now, if the controller was the alarm clock (shake for snooze) I'd be back with the sb3 and an AVR system in the bedroom in a second...

2008-09-09, 18:36
I vote A).

I think your application is a "corner case".

2008-09-09, 18:57
No TV in the bedroom. I vote A. :-)

2008-09-09, 19:39
Definitely A

2008-09-10, 02:31
It's not "only" optical in that is needed.
A dvd can have dolby digital and DTS to ?
You can set most DVD's to PCM only, but imagine the confusion regarding this on the forum ?
A think analog in for bedromm TV is ok

2008-09-10, 02:56
A of course.

The Boom may have a good sound but you really are not going to perceive any difference in the sound quality between a decent line in an an optical in. An optical in would be entirely superflous and a total waste of money (money which could otherwise have been spent on something much more useful, like a headphone socket on the front for instance).


Mark Lanctot
2008-09-10, 06:09
Square peg, round hole...you're thinking about Boom for a use which it was never designed for.

There are hundreds of "home theatre in a box" products which would do what you're asking for, some close to Boom's price.

Secret Squirrel
2008-09-10, 06:26
I vote A. I am not a fan of having a TV in the bedroom and am considering a Boom for the bedroom and my shop. Neither place would make use of "fine listening" attributes of digital in.


2008-09-10, 07:17
A for sure!