View Full Version : Slimp3 strange behaviour

2004-04-05, 11:12
I have three Slimp3s installed and another pending installation. Two of them
have started behaving strangely with different problems, as follows.

The first one, and the oldest (from before they had a case) has random jumps
and stutters during playback. At the same time the other two perform fine,
either on the same track or different, and are as solid as possible all the
the time. The one with the stutter/jump exhibits the problem whether the
others are playing or not.

The second machine 'seems' to have developed a problem with the display, where
odd characters can appear in the display and sometimes the display rolls
around from right to left. If you turn it off and turn it on again after a
few mins it is OK. The 'problem' does not impact playback of music.

Slimserver is 5.1 and all the Slimp3s are on the firmware level that came with
that (2.2). Server is running on Mandrake 9.2 on a duron 1800+ with 512MB
ram. There are just under 6000 tracks in my library.

Anybody seen either of these problems/know how to fix?
regards, robin