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Andrew Turner
2004-04-05, 10:49
I use a Draytek 9600We and it works fine

- Andrew

On 5/4/04 6:20 pm, "Stuart" <stuart (AT) stu (DOT) org.uk> wrote:

>> Can anyone recommend a Wi-Fi router that works well with
>> the SqueezeBox? Luckilthe distance between the router and SqueezeBox
>> won't be far but as i have to buy the router from new i may as well
>> get a recommened one.
> I have a Linksys WRT54G. They are fairly cheap (from Amazon), but
> incredibly versatile. It runs Linux firmware, and there are are various
> hacks about which really opens up the functionality, such as packet
> shaping (QoS).
> Stuart