View Full Version : SB3 + Bel Canto + Channel Islands Audio

2008-09-09, 05:58
Just thought I'd post a picture of my setup. System consists of:

-Squeezebox 3
-Bel Canto DAC3 (using digital volume control)
-Channel Islands Audio D-200 monoblocks
-NHT X1 Crossover
-2X NHT A1 monoblocks
-2X NHT W1 Subwoofers
-Infinity Modulus ribbon monitors

The entire system is XLR and sounds amazing. I recently acquired a pair of Mirage M-1 speakers, and have been running those full-range in place of the Infinity speakers and subs, and its pretty impressive.

Thoughts and comments welcome!

2008-09-10, 08:22
Thoughts and comments welcome!

Very nice! I guess the next upgrade is a dedicated hat stand :O]

2008-09-10, 09:40
Thoughts and comments welcome!

Nice and a clean setup. Is it a dedicated listening room?

2008-09-10, 10:57

This is my living room, but I organized everything based on optimal stereo setup (I'm a bachelor and can get away with this). It works out to be the most efficient and pleasing way to set up the room.

The Infinity Modulus speakers fit in very well, and look pretty sharp. The Mirage speakers dominate the room, but do look good as well, just a different look.

This system is pretty much complete, I spent the several year working towards this, gradually progressing from vintage gear (big Kenwood SS amps, etc) to modern. The results have been well worth the effort. My next change is to sell my Monster power conditioner and voltage regulator and go with a PS Audio P1000 power regenerator.

Note - The SB3 is a bit tought so see, but its hiding under the hat on the right subwoofer. I have since moved it to sit on top of crossover/amps on the 3rd shelf from the bottom.