View Full Version : playlist sanitization (was two newbie questions)

Chris Kantarjiev
2004-04-05, 11:03
> >- understanding that there's a certain drive letter that should
> > translate to the MP3 directory
> >- handling \ as a path separation character
> >
> I've solved this in the past with a patch to the Slimserver code that made
> it write out it's paths with backslashes and "\\servername\share"
> prepended to it.
> The advent of SoftSqueeze makes this a bit pointless since I don't use
> WinAmp anymore... ;-)

Ah, but my main use of my mp3s is loading my iPod (with ephpod). I create
my playlists with winamp on my laptop, and I want my Slimserver to
understand those playlists.

I think I see the right place to hack, err, patch the playlist code, though.