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2008-09-08, 17:41
I'd never heard of MusicIP until I saw it mentioned on this forum so I had a look at their website (http://www.musicip.com/ for fellow newbies). I am right in my understanding that the MusicMixer software analyses the melody/beat of all your music and then you come along and select a song and say 'hit me with more that sound similar to that'?

That sounds pretty class if so - does it actually work well?

How does this integrate with Squeezecenter - can I pick up my Duet controller, select a song, and get it to play songs similar to that? That'd be pretty damn sweet.

I see there's a big thread about how to install it, but I guess I'm just trying to get my head around what it can actually do before I go trying to figure out how to install it. Thanks.

2008-09-09, 08:18
The answer to all of your questions is Yes! And it is pretty sweet.

It will add variety so everything won't be identical, but you can control how much.

I use it all of the time. It is a great way of selecting some music without having to think too much. It's like telling a DJ "play me some music like this".

If you are familiar with Pandora, you will see that MusicIP is similar. It is just that it picks music from YOUR library, not some big huge library. Though MiP isn't really for music discovery, it is a way of rediscovering music in your library.

Note that you can get a lot of functionality out of it without performing a full blown analysis. With just doing a basic scan, much of your library will be "mixable" right off the bat.

The terminology will make sense once you get into setting it up.

Have fun!

2008-09-09, 09:54
Nice one Rich, this is gonna be deadly!

I'll head off to the setup thread now and hopefully get it working soon enough, that's exactly the kind of thing I was hoping someone would create!

2008-09-10, 14:58
I'm glad I stumbled onto this thread. I downloaded the free version of MusicIP and I'm certain I'll pay for the full version. Now to set it up with my WHS....

2008-09-11, 10:16
Yes, but you'll then hit the WAF issue. Set it up to give a mix of 50 tracks and what the hell happens? Number 23 is declared 'turgid'. "Who selected that one?" No mention about the previous 22 being OK. Just happened to me as i read the thread!


2008-09-11, 11:29
Yeah, but you can pass the blame..."I didn't chose it! MusicIP did!". I've gotten in the habit of editing the playlist once it starts playing to pull things that really don't fit out.

For instance, my kid's music is mixed in with my library. Occasionally I'll create a mix on a playere where I don't have the "kiddie" genre filtered out and Raffi will be brought in.

For me, the WAF is actually improved with using MusicIP. I'll use a song we both like as a seed and invariably the playlist will consist of both her music and my music. Everybody's happy :-). Not in the mood for Porcupine Tree, well just hang on there...some Toad the Wet Sprocket is coming up next!

2008-09-12, 04:38
Yes, but you'll then hit the WAF issue.

Ok probably a stupid question but what is a WAF issue?

2008-09-12, 05:51
WAF=Wife Acceptance Factor

A small plea, however, for this thread not to go down the [well worn] "my wife is worse than your wife" route. It's couple specific at best and lazy stereotyping at worst IMHO.