View Full Version : Squeezebox Controller keeps crashing & rebooting!

2008-09-08, 11:19
Help, my Squeezebox Controller with firmware 7.2 r2907 keeps crashing & rebooting. It's totally unusable. The 'Play All' function looks strange and is listed twice. Once on the top of the list of the albums and once on the bottom of the list of the albums. If I browse the albums and reach the 'Play All' at the bottom of the list the Squeezebox Controller crashes. (Music Collection, Artists, "Artist")

2008-09-08, 11:54
7.2 r2873 does work without problems.

2008-09-08, 13:09
2907 has some known bugs, and I believe 2873 is the recommended version. You should be able to downgrade by going to Settings - Advanced - software upgrade

2008-09-08, 14:16
I've had to downgrade my SBC tonight also.

However I'm also seeing my Duet with FW47 continually either rebooting or dropping off the network.

Also the custom menu items on the SBC have moved down the menu.
I added Random mix and it appears below "Music Library", but after 10 minutes moves down to below the "Extras" menu item.

How would I know if the Duet is crashing/rebooting?