View Full Version : Upgrade firmware oddity

2008-09-08, 02:57
After upgrading to 7.1, the SB in my bedroom updated its firmware automatically. However the one in the lounge sat there telling me to hold "brightness" (which I did etc). Isn't that a bit odd? Why would one do it on its own and not the other?

Same thing happened when I upgraded to 7.2 just now....

2008-09-08, 03:03
You can set each individual player to update firmware automatically or not. I would guess one is on auto. To set the other on auto, Pressing and holding the left arrow key for a few seconds will bring you to the (Squeezebox Setup) menu. You'll find the "Auto upgrade" option in the "Current Settings" menu - switch it on then reconnect the player to your network in the normal way.

2008-09-08, 03:41
Thanks. Found that setting. Also useful to know about holding left, so thanks for that too.