View Full Version : boom arrives in germany

2008-09-08, 01:47
My boom was delivered this morning ......


mind you it was delivered from a distribution point around 3km away!!!!

I could have picked it up and saved the post!!!

anyhow its here and I love this little bag it comes in!

so ... will pop home at lunch and give it a blast!



2008-09-08, 06:37
some quick view after my lunch time session!

1. its heavy ... carry it home 1km and my arms ached!!!

2. nicely packaged ... i like the little black soft bag it comes in !

3. display is nice and clear ... box is well made and feels quality

4. powering up and setting the network key got the box working easily - 2 firmware upgrades done automatically

5. SC found the box no problem and my library was found ok. (ver 7.2)

6. my duet controller also found the boom and controls it ok ... not sure it u can sent the audio settings from it but will see later

7. sounds great ... initial bass and treble are set at 0 .. so you will need to adjust as required - quality is excellent both on music and voice

8. plenty of volume available and it fills my lounge even with the small speakers and no rattling heard

9. alienbbc works v well over it and radio sounds superb partic. on voice

Over all impressive - well made and easy to setup

it was so impressive my colleague who was with me and had been humming and ahhing ... immediately got back to his desk and ordered one from logitech.de ;)

well done SlimD/LT .. another superb product!

I shall enjoy a good browse later and will relocate the box to my bedroom where it was destined for!

more later and will take a couple of pics too!