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2008-09-07, 22:46

Is it possible to have multiple users connect to the squeezecenter? At present I have only one username/password. Because of this, if someone else accesses the squeezecenter, they end up changing the playlist that I am listening to.

Is it possible to have and handle two separate sessions at the same time, serving different songs/playlists? If so, how do i add additional users/passwords..?

thanks in advance,

2008-09-07, 23:28
No, SqueezeCenter doesn't have the concept of multiple users.

However, you can control multiple players at the same time regardless of this. Look at the top right hand corner of the SqueezeCenter web interface and you will see a drop down with a list of the connected players. Select the correct player before building the playlist.

Might be a good idea to go into Settings -> Player and change the player name to something sensible, like Livingroom, Bedroom, Den, etc.