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2008-09-07, 11:57
This isn't anything to do with Squeezeboxes, but I know a lot of people here do use Powerline Ethernet, so hope someone might be able to help.

Should Powerline Ethernet adaptors work if they are on separate ring mains? I have a friend who's having a bit of trouble with his networking, and the support people at BT told him that they have to be on the same ring main (which they aren't). But all the research I've done on the web suggests that while being on the same ring main is ideal, they should still work OK on separate rings, provided they are on the same phase. (This is using them in the UK, by the way).

Any informed advice would be most gratefully received.

2008-09-07, 12:32
They will work on separate ring main but quality of connection may vary from working to poor to not working - I think the switchboard layout can affect the quality.

2008-09-07, 13:01
I am using mine on separate rings in the house. The router is upstairs and other connections are around the house downstairs. We had the house rewired last year to the latest standards, so the distribution box is equipped with the latest breakers, RCD's etc. The system works perfectly, no dropouts and a high data speed.

2008-09-07, 14:42
I am using mine on separate rings without problem. Speed does tend to vary between devices - I have one connected to my router and three others - but is fine for music.

2008-09-08, 00:36
Thanks for all the replies. Looks like they ought to work and perhaps the BT support people are spinning him a yarn to avoid looking into an issue he has (his BT Vision service has stopped working). I'll take around a long ethernet cable and see whether it works with that.