View Full Version : Squeezebox controller unable to find squeezecenter/squeezeboxes

2008-09-07, 07:51

Today we experienced the second occurrence of a problem with our SBC in that it decided to forget how to communicate with the server. It's connected to the wireless network fine, and I can even ping it, so it's not having trouble with the access point. There's just no servers listed other than "Other server" (this doesn't work btw if I put in the serve'rs IP manually ;) )

The way to fix it, and for it to be able to connect to the SqueezeCenter server is to do a factory reset.

Since it happened the first time (oddly, it happened at around this time last Sunday), I have updated to SC 7.2 and the firmware on the SBC.

Any ideas? It's not really ideal to have to factory-reset once a week is it?

2008-09-07, 08:15
I have exactly the same problem with two Duets on a wired network using Airport Extreme as the router. SC is installed on a MacMini.


2008-09-07, 14:50
Same problem over here... Duet + ReadyNas Duo + SC 7.2 / Wireless.

Haven't found out yet what the best way is to get everything online again.

2008-09-07, 14:59
I bought my Duet ten days ago. Yesterday I had to factory reset both the controller and receiver several times to get the receiver back on the network and onto the controller's music sources list. I, too, am hoping it won't be a weekly occurrence...