Brent H
2004-04-04, 14:16

I will try this out and see how things go.

I have this option as well as 128 WEP and 64 WEP:

WPA-PSK (no server)
Wireless Protected Access with a Pre-Shared Key: The key is a password, in
the form of a word, phrase or series of letters and numbers. The key must be
between 8 and 63 characters long and can include spaces and symbols. Each
client that connects to the network must use the same key (Pre-Shared Key).
More Info

What do you think?

PS * Like your ³work² in Macworld * Keep it up!


Brent Hohlweg


On 4/4/04 2:25 PM, "Jason Snell" <jsnell (AT) macworld (DOT) com> wrote:

>> Any help on the connection dropping would be great.
> I suspect there is something wrong with your wireless setup that is reducing
> the bandwidth going to your SLIMP3.
> I am using a WET11 and it works fine most of the time, although every now and
> then it craps out and I need to restart it. I have found that AAC transcoding
> works okay on my server most of the time, but it's a G4/450, and I agree that
> the G3 probably doesn't have the oomph for it.
> I would recommend:
> * Changing the channel your router is broadcasting on to see if you can find
> one that works better.
> * Make sure you're in Shared Key mode, rather than Open Key, for your wireless
> encryption.
> * If you're still having trouble, consider turning off WEP entirely and see if
> that makes a difference.
> * See if there might be something interfering with your network, like a
> cordless phone or a microwave, that causes network breakdowns when it's in
> operation.
> -jason
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