View Full Version : New release: slimpy-0.6a

Steve Taylor
2004-04-04, 13:03
This release is now available from http://download.steviet.org/slimpy/

Changes since 0.5h:

- Improved rescan logic to allow a full rescan.
- Added some config editing to web interface.
- Added rescan option in web interface.
- Fixed handling of Nullsoft genres in ID3v2 tags.
- Precompiled JSP pages for speedups.
- Fixes from Reto Koenig for Crontab.
- Fixes for song lengths and offsets using CUE files.


Slimpy is a Java-based server for the Slimp3 media player,
with support for Winamp style streaming and iTunes clients
(as a DAAP server). It's distributed under the GNU General
Public License.