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Eric Lyons
2004-04-04, 11:51
> Actually one enhancement that should be considered by someone to
> really
> get mass market with the Squeezebox is a complementary server
> appliance
> for the people who don't want to setup and fool around with a 'PC'
> server. I.E. a headless box with a 200GB HDD that any techoidiot can
> put a CD in and add to their 'jukebox'.

For those interested, I have a Linux distribution that creates a
"device" exactly as described. Once the o/s is installed (a single CD
with no configuration options), you have a box which automatically
rips, encodes and organizes CDs by simply putting them in the CD-ROM
drive. It downloads cover art, and also has a web-based tag editor for
cleaning up the inevitable errors in FreeDB. Naturally, slimserver is
also pre-installed.

I've built several of these boxes for friends, and use the same case as
the former Martian product (cf

Like the Martian, it also runs Samba so looks like another PC to your

If anyone is interested in building / testing one of these, let me
know. I'd be happy to send you an installation CD or even a
pre-configured machine.


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