View Full Version : Problems setting a one-off alarm

2008-09-06, 22:14
Hey guys,

Just got a new SB3 and loving it ! I am having one small problem though which I hope someone here can help me with.

Today I tried to set a one-off alarm via the SqueezeNetwork for the afternoon (Sunday). No matter what I tried it just wouldn't appear on the Date & Time screensaver and the alarm wouldn't go off. When I went into the alarm settings on the SB3 I can see it sitting there. I have set my SqueezeNetwork settings to have GMT+10 (Sydney, Australia) and my router is also on the correct settings.

If I set an alarm to start tomorrow (Monday) for the week then I can see it appear on the SB3 screensaver. After experimenting it appears that no alarm will appear until 12:00am tomorrow. Anything today just won't appear. I am thinking that maybe this is an issue with the SqueezeNetwork and the auto timezone it puts me in ?

I'd like to use the one-off alarm setting so any ideas on how I might get this to work would be great.