View Full Version : SB2, SBB and ogg?

2008-09-06, 15:40
I'd always thought the SB2 could not play ogg files natively and anyway the ogg->flac transcode always worked fine. While trying to figure out how to keep transcoding ogg for the SB2 while streaming natively to the SBB I stumbled across the fact that my SB2 should in fact be able to "go native" as well ...

Is it true that "native ogg" should work on the SB2? If yes, why doesn't it work? The SB2 is using firmware version 112, last updated after the install of slimserver 7.2.

Edit: With source logging at info the log says:
Slim::Player::Source::openSong (2104) Streaming with format: ogg
Slim::Player::Source::openSong (2118) Opening file /opt/slimserver/Music/*****.ogg
Slim::Player::Source::playmode (412) 00:04:20:05:a2:6a New play mode: play
Slim::Player::Source::playmode (581) 00:04:20:05:a2:6a: Current playmode: play
Slim::Player::Source::notSupported (788) Error: Decoder does not support file format, skipping track


2008-09-06, 15:59
Ogg is a bit finicky, for example you can't play files that were encoded with a pre-1.0 encoder, or files that contain very large comments. Other than that, you should be fine.

2008-09-06, 16:03
Yes, SB2 will play ogg. There have been some issues in the past with particularly esoteric encoders & settings, but I haven't heard complaints recently. Certainly all my oggs play fine. How is your transcoding setup?