View Full Version : Problem with internet radio via squeezecenter

2008-09-06, 13:08

I used to be able to listen to radioio (free commercially-interrupted stream) via squeezecenter. Using Squeezecenter 7.2. When I try to access radioio or lastfm, I get an "invalid squeezenetwork username" error message. I have no problems accessing either of these through the squeezenetwork, but would prefer not to have to switch back and forth if possible.

Any ideas?


2008-09-06, 15:24
Have you made sure your SN username & password are correctly entered in SC?

2008-09-06, 16:32
Thanks for the reply.

I looked through squeezecenter settings for a place to enter my username and password for both last.fm and radioio but couldn't find where to enter them. Through the plugins tab, I can enter a password for the scrobbler, but not for LastFM or RadioIO.

Am I looking in the right place?

2008-09-06, 16:37
I believe it uses the credentials you entered on SqueezeNetwork for last.fm and radioio, but in order for that to work you must have correctly entered you SqueezeNetwork login details on the appropriate tab in SC settings. The error message you mentioned suggested that wasn't done.

2008-09-06, 16:42
Thank you very much! I re-entered my credentials and am now able to access those services.