View Full Version : No Music Source!

2008-09-06, 11:39
I just bought a Squeezebox Duet. It was working perfectly fine until I had the SqueezeCenter rescan my music after I added a link to my external hard drive. In the middle of the rescan it bumped my SBC off it's music source and now I can't get back on. All of my SBC menu selections for Music Library, Internet Radio, and Music Services aren't showing up because I can't select a music source. The SqueezeCenter is still working good and I can play music on the receiver by selecting the options though the SqueezeCenter. Anyone have suggestions to fix my problem on the SBC? I'd appreciate it! Thanks.

2008-09-06, 11:54
I've encountered the exact problem today... Also a new Duet... load my ReadyNas Duo with MP3's, performed a scan... and Lost my connection.

Anybody able to help?

Edit: I've found out that when I turn off the NAS I'm able to find SqueezeNetwork again... So I have some music now, but I really want to stream the MP3's on my NAS using Squeezecenter (btw I'm running SC 7.2)

2008-09-07, 15:08
Mine didn't lose connection during a scan, but while connected to SqueezeNetwork and adding an artist to a Pandora station yesterday. I ended up having to do factory resets several times on both the receiver and controller and going through the setup again to get everything back. (I've had mine ten days.)