View Full Version : MusicIP moods and SC7.2

2008-09-06, 11:22
I run the MIP headless service and I have created a new mood. I can't get this mood appear on SC though. I did a clear and re-scan on the databases but nothing. I am on SC7.2. Any ideas? Is this supported? and if yes where is the documentation for it? Thanks.

2008-09-06, 14:04
I'm seeing the same thing, but I'm not sure it is an SC issue or solely an SC issue. If I navigate to http://<mip api>:10002/api/moods, then my moods don't show up, as they used to.

It looks like the API isn't calling the moods for some reason, or is calling them in a different way, which is why SC isn't picking them up. May be something worth asking on the MIP forums.

2008-09-06, 19:23
Thanks. Have you found a work-around?

2008-09-07, 02:32
I'm pretty sure its a MIP issue, see this thread which still doesnt appear to be fixed!


2008-09-08, 01:45
if I save my moods as MusicIP playlists and then generate a mix sourced by a playlist, would that have the same effect? any ideas?