View Full Version : Transporter Turns Off Too Quickly After Album Completed

2008-09-06, 07:29
Hello. My Transporter shuts itself off around 90 seconds after playing an album to the finish. Is there a way to set this to something around 15 minute mark? It is superbly frustrating because when the Transporter has shut itself off the Controller tends to lock up. My wife, who's been trying hard to learn how to use the Controller, yesterday referred to it as a P.O.S., chiefly due to this feature. Not cool for a system costing upwards of $1,800. Help!!!

2008-09-06, 08:39
I'm not aware of any auto shutoff feature - are you sure it's not just the idle screensaver kicking in?

2008-09-06, 13:03
Doh! Problem solved - thanks. Changed the kick-in time from 30 to 300. Stopped screensaver set to "Now Playing (Jump back on wake)". What does "Jump back on wake" mean?

2008-09-06, 15:23
It means when it wakes up (i.e. you do something) it will jump back to where you were in the menus. The other version will just stay at Now Playing.