Brent H
2004-04-04, 01:18
Hello everyone,

After updating to 5.1 I thought I could finally play AAC (personal ripped)
files on my Slimp3.

However there is still the ongoing same problem of the music: Dropping and
Sputtering out the song.

If I play the exact same song right after the AAC problem but only in an MP3
(VBR - Lame encoded) format I have no problems.

My system:

OSXS RAID1 G3 (Blue and White) - Virgin install and perfect setup
288MB Ram
120GB HD
Apache, PHP and MYSQL running as well as SMTP Mail (POSTFIX)
Router: Belkin Wireless and Hardwired setup (Wireless to the Slimp3)
Bridge: Linksys WET11 Ethernet Bridge
Itunes 4.2
Slim Server Software 5.1.1

I also get drops on almost every MP3 song I play. The song just stops and
the SLIMP3 stops and drops the connection. The wireless setup is only 20ft
to the Slimp3 from the Router when I play MP3šs. It is only when I choose a
AAC file that it spurs and stutters, MP3šs just stop playing and the
connection drops. I have the Router setup to use WEP (but the wep key will
not stick now * I think all my powering down and reboot the SLMIP3 has
messed up the Linksys Ethernet Bridge) and also I have set the router to
only use the MAC address of the Linksys WET11 Ethernet Bridge.

The AAC files play fine in iTunes to iTunes over the network as do all the

Is there something wrong in the setup * I am starting to think that perhaps
the WEP is the problem?

Does anyone else have similar problems with AAC or the SLIMP3 just dropping


Brent H.