View Full Version : The Register reviews Duet and other streaming systems

Brian Ritchie
2008-09-05, 18:13
I thought that this was a well-balanced review (well, I would, given their conclusions!):


Mind you, they made much of the Roku's display, and never mentioned that the SB3 (or even Boom) exist; though quite a few comments pick up on this.

-- Brian

2008-09-05, 23:57
I'm obviously a Squeezebox man too, but they seriously think the Roku is better than the Sono's? Thats just plain silly.

2008-09-06, 09:28
I guess the cost is the major negative against the Sonos, also as they mentioned a lot of users would want to stream music in average size houses so that plus cost might push them towards the Roku.

Anyway, what do I care, I made the right choice ... ;-)

2008-09-06, 11:34
The extra cost of the Sono's is worth it over the Roku.

But yeah, we made the right choice :)