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2004-04-03, 14:51
Would it not be easier to buy a new switch for the room it is going in

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Since switches are so cheap now, I'd buy a 16 port switch and replace
the 8 port unit you have. That way you won't need any additional
cables and won't have so many wall warts to deal with, then when you
need to expand someplace else, you'll have an 8 port unit at your


On Apr 3, 2004, at 8:17 AM, robin wrote:

> Folks,
> I need some help here please. Over the last months I've read various
> discussions about wireless and Slimp3 but not really absorbed it as I
> did not
> think it was relevent to me. As ever, wrong!
> I've just decided to take advantage of the Slimp3 blowout sale and
> acquired a
> fourth device. The result, my switch now needs a ninth socket, and I
> need to
> run a 30 foot cable under the floors etc.
> So time to bite the bullet, its going in a room where there is already
> a PC,
> not sure thats relevent, and only one cable. My server (Mandrake 9.2)
> and
> switch(Netgear 10/100) are on next floor up. I've tried to look at the
> archive, but it only seems to go back to November, and I think most of
> the
> discussions are before then. I've also had a look at the Slimdevices
> page on
> Slimp3 and wireless but that really only highlights four bridges that
> have
> been reported as working. I seem to remember some examples, along with
> photos of what people had done, but cant find them through Google at
> present.
> Anybody care to recommend best approach, based on experience?
> Many thanks in advance, regards, robin