View Full Version : I'm a new member and Duet owner

2008-09-05, 12:52
Just received my Duet two days ago. Since I have been away from home, I set up the SC remotely on my always on old laptop and scanned my library on my Linkstation Live 500. The laptop will serve as a SC server for now.
I was luck to stumble upon a great deal for $309.78 (including shipping) at http://www.thenerds.net. I hesitated for a night. The stock count went from 28 to 7 overnight. I sat on it for a few more minutes in the moring and it went from 7 to 6 units. I already missed a great deal on eBay for $ 285. So I bit the bullet. They sold out at that price later during the day. It has gone back up to $379 since.
Next thing is to look into serving music via my Linkstation Live 500 of the laptop since that is how I have served my music to other players using its UPnP capabilities. Then the next thing is to figure how to get it to display CJK font tags. can't wait to get home!

2008-09-10, 23:50
finally moving into my own place and to help celebrate this momentous occasion, i bit the bullet and invested (albeit a relatively modest investment) in some audio equipment. i've always been a music junky but so far have just relied on my cheap harmon kardon desktop speakers. i ordered an onkyo 606, onkyo ht240k, two pairs of speaker stands, and a squeezebox duet. the 606 came today and am anxiously waiting the rest of the system.

after looking and reading about everyone else's systems, i already have the desire to upgrade when it makes more sense for me financially.