View Full Version : Problem getting Alien BBC plugin to work with SC7.2

2008-09-05, 10:37

I'm having a little trouble getting AlienBBC to work. I've just upgraded from SlimServer 6.5.somthing to SqueezeCenter 7.2-2290. I then copied the AlienBBC files to the /usr/share/squeezecenter/Plugins directory (Debian Linux) and then restarted the server.

Everything seems OK at first, i.e. Alien BBC appears in my SqueezeBox menus, however when I try to play a stream I get a message: RTSP Convert Error Check File Types on the SB display and no sound is produced.

I checked the version of Alien BBC in Squeezecenter/Plugins and it reports V2.01b1.

A little searching of these forums and I see that I might need an iPlayer extention. Does anyone know if this is correct and if so where I might be able to find it?


2008-09-05, 12:43
The iPlayer Addon is required once you have the AlienBBC plugin working. The RTSP error indicates that ALienBBC is not installed correctly.

Make sure you have used AlienBBC 2.01 for 7.1 and not 2.01 for 7.0

2008-09-06, 02:26
Thanks Bpa. I deleted the plugin and reinstalled it and now it works.

Incidentally Alien BBC doesn't seem to work in SoftQueeze3, I get the buffering message on the display but when its finished buffering I get no sound. This isn't really a problem for me but I was wondering if its a known bug with SoftQueeze or something I'm doing wrong.