View Full Version : Dorku... fer real?

2004-04-03, 14:01
> constructive is great. so, what are your ideas for improving
> the design? just saying it looks so bad you won't buy one, isn't
> 'constructive'. There is nothing personal being taken, but it
> just sounds like griping, rather than useful input. What
> would you like to see, what kind of price would you
> expect for such a thing?

Valid points. I actually like the current sb format. I think it looks great
and for certain home environments (bedroom, workshop, home office, maybe rec
room) it's perfect. For other environments (living room, home theater) I'd
prefer a larger display. I like the color and brightness of the current
display and wouldn't change them. If you want to develop a new home
theatre/entertainment center product, make it standard component size,
1.5->2.0 spaces in height and provide (optional) rack mount ears. For a 1SP
unit, 1.5"x10-12" would be a nice display size. For a 2SP 2-2.5"x12" would
be good. An external display to the current SB would be acceptable, but it'd
need an IR receiver as well, as I'd want to hide the SB behind it if it's
going to function as the primary display. I don't want to look one direction
and point the remote another. Again a rack mount option for the external
display would be cool. Even w/ a large display, I'd like to see two display
modes, small(detailed) and large (simple). I'd pay $175->$250 for a large
external display (depending on size, quality and packaging) and $450-525 for
a large format SB (depending on same).

Dreamin' out loud...