View Full Version : SB3 Crash: Out of FPRAM message

2008-09-04, 18:24

My SB3 crashes on a regular basis. I have been able to replicate it, but not able to figure out what is causing it.

Every time the message flashes "Out of FPRAM" or something similar, and the screen hangs, the music time elapsed bar hangs, and I am not able play any more music until I turn the power on/off.

Has anyone had this problem?

I have a funny feeling it is related to playlists of somekind, because it never happens when I play individual folders, but it guaranteed to happen if I play "Random Mix" or play music from folders with .ogg files and .m3u files.

I using an SB Classic, running SC 7.1 (then tried 7.2) on XP.