View Full Version : Remote doesn't stick to textured fridge (solution)

2008-09-04, 13:13
I've had problems with the remote not sticking well to the front of my fridge. The fridge has a textured surface and unless you stick the remote in one particular spot (where the hinge is, I assume) it just slides all the way down the front of the fridge.

My solution was to get another decorative magnet and use it as a stopper to keep the Boom remote from sliding. Now it stays right where I want it.

Thought I would post this in case someone else has the same problem. Maybe it is obvious to some people but it took me weeks to think of it. :-P

2008-09-06, 10:04
This is an amazingly simple solution. It does work! Still kicking myself for not thinking of it first... :) My problem has been the oposite - too smooth of a surface and the remote slides down even though it seems to stick perfectly fine.

I tried solution and one other variation:

I took one of the thinner magnets that you get in mailed coupons, etc. and pulled it off of the paper. Then I simply stuck it to the fridge with it's magnet and then placed the remote on top of it. The remote sticks MUCH better that way. The one that I'm using is slightly bigger than the remote so it looks like a pad designed for it. I also tried it with a thinner strip shaped one and that worked as well.

With the remote sitting on a magnet it stays perfectly on a stacked washer/dryer - even during high speed spins and imperfectly balanced loads (quite a bit of shaking).