View Full Version : Re: Using Squeezebox for Education. Can only certain stations be accessible?

michael levtov
2008-09-04, 10:55
The crucial issue here is how can the Squeezebox be programmed/modified to receive only certain educational stations we'll be broadcasting without kids (older ones also) being able to jump to other channels using the remote, etc??
We are a non-profit educational organization that may be able to utilize thousands of these units if this filter control is possible to implement.
We'll appreciate any help in this matter...

2008-09-04, 11:29
With the stock software, not exactly, but it's software so, as Dir of Engineering Dean likes to say, you can do _anything_ in software.

Considering the amount of players you are talking about, getting Logitech to produce you some custom software for this solution seems very much on the table. On first reflection it does not seem like it would be a difficult software problem to address.

A few questions:
1. are you talking about the Squeezebox Controller/Receiver here, aka the Duet?
2. when you say you don't want students jumping around with the remote, are you saying not at all, or just not outside the list of channels you want to offer?
3. would these "stations" be internet accessible streams, or served up from a local PC? We can easily do either, but it somewhat frames the approach that would be necessary.


michael levtov
2008-09-04, 13:01
Thank you Ben for your prompt response.
In response to your well-placed questions:
1. We are referring to the Classic Squeezebox or possibly the "Boom" coming out, or any other lower cost option Slimdevices may offer.
2. Mainly, just not outside the list of channels we want to offer. Any additional flexibility allowing individual customization of channels offered would be welcomed.
3. These "stations" would be internet accessible streams.

2008-09-04, 20:49
The Boom or SB3 would be best from a ruggedness standpoint too. I cringe to think of kids with $300 SB controllers that could easily be ruined if dropped or stepped on, as apposed to remotes that can stand being dropped and stepped on and can be replaced for ~$25 if they do get damaged.

BTW, I want to go to a school that uses a squeezebox as an educational tool :-). Times have changed - I can remember the nuns breakng out the record player for music class in grade school.