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2004-04-03, 11:28
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> I just this second had a thought regarding the display size....
> How difficult would it be to provide the Slim's display data
> out of a serial port on the slimserver PC?...
> If the display data is sent out via serial, it could then be
> pumped into one of those big red shop-window style dot-matrix
> display boards, many of which have an RS232 port for programming...
> Also, there are numerous other VFD's available, many of which
> have RS232 interfaces, including larger sized ones, and
> graphical ones... It should be pretty easy to construct a
> remote display for the slim from one of these.. - not cheap
> of course, but probably slightly cheaper than buying a whole
> new slim to synchronise.

VERY cool idea... What about other expansion connectors? The SliMP3 had them
does the SB have something similar? Would it be possible to connect an
external display right to the sb itself?

> This is of course ignoring the other obvious method of using
> a WiFi enabled PDA as a slim controller/display device

I've done this and it's less than satisfactory (for me).

> And saving the best till last, there is also the option of
> the xAP connector that has been written for the slimserver,
> which is designed precisely for this kind of problem. Using
> xAP it becomes trivial to have your slim display data pumped
> around your house to multiple display devices simultaneously,
> and need not be limited to things like VFD's et al, but could
> include TTS announcements, onscreen displays on TiVo,
> laptops, etc... Check out
> http://www.xapframework.net/modules.php?name=Sections&op=viewa
> rticle&artid=9

This has possibilities....