View Full Version : Squeezecenter 7.1/7.2 not showing all artists.

2008-09-04, 02:18

I'm sure that my problem is operator error but with v7.1 and v7.2 doesn't show all my artists. I'm pretty sure that with v6.X everything used to work fine.

I'm not sure how many artists are missing, but the one I have noticed - All Saints - can be found if I look under Albums.

I'm pretty sure that there will be other artists missing too, but haven't had a change to look thoroughly.

All Saints are listed in iTunes so I know that they are they (as confirmed by the album being visible in Squeezecenter).

I've rescanned my music library twice - changing an option - the one that lists artists by artist or band (album artist) and that didn't work.

My iTunes lists my library as having 14507 songs and Squeezecenter lists as havng 14505 so everything seems to be there, just not showing.

Does anyone have any advice or help that they could offer me?

Many thanks,


2008-09-04, 05:25
HAHAHA All Saints...

Seriously now, are you sure that your tags are correct?
iTunes doesn't always give me the same tag information as my other applications do.
Maybe search on the title of the songs?

2008-09-04, 06:31
Hi, I had the same problem. I tunes keeps the artwork in a separate folder. Download a program called coverscout;it's free and downloads all of your artwork

2008-09-04, 07:33
Thanks for the replies - although I think one was not intended for me.

I've downloaded slimserver 6.5.4 and I'm going to try that tonight - will it be ok to run this version even the my SB3 is running the latest firmware from version 7.2?

Thanks again,