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2008-09-03, 22:48
How do I get WOL on the Squeezebox Controller to work? WOL on the Squeezebox Receiver does work (press the blue button), but I can't get it to work on the Squeezebox Controller. (Or don't know how to get it working)

Are you able to wake up the Squeezecenter with the Squeezebox Controller at all?

2008-09-08, 01:47
I wondered this too. If my PC is on standby, the controller gives me an option to 'Choose player'... but then there are no players to choose because it can't see any!

I don't see any way of waking the PC or indeeed, a MAC address for the server, which you do get on an SB3 (I don't have a receiever). It seems crazy that I have to pick up the old IR remote to wake the SB3 before I can use the Controller.

2008-09-08, 03:18
It seems to me as if the duet controller will only WOL if you have already selected the squeezecentre you want, which is bit restricting if you switch between squeezecentres/squeezenetwork.

Eg, I select my squeezecentre PC with the controller, after a period of inactivity, the PC goes into hiberation. When I pick up the controller this wakes up the PC correctly. Fine if I don't want to change to another network.

As you rightly say though, if I select the Squeezenetwork, thus de-selecting the squeezecentre PC, then there is no way that the duet controller seems to be able to WOL the squeezecentre, as it doesn't appear in the list. There is an option on my controller to manually select a server, but this doesn't seem to work at all.

It would be ideal if the duet controller could keep a list of the previous squeezecentres, including the necessary WOL commands for each sqeezecentre.

I've stopped switching between the Squeezenetwork and Squeezecentre for this reason, its a not a major issue for me, as with the Alien BBC plugin I can get the radio stations I want. So for me the WOL is at least working.


2008-09-08, 08:54
Your SC is retained in memory for some time, but it will disappear after a while ? wonder if someone is lazy and letting the SBC rely on some arp cache in the router.

However if I restart the controller it WOL my server, thats a workaround.

I *think* it is so that if one choose a player (if you have many) that was on the server when it was powered of or hibernated, it sometimes causes WOL.

This behavior could be improved or fine tuned I think.
In some of the betas the opposite where true, if you sneezed at the controller it waked your server :) it was to sensitive.

I started this tread in the beta forum:

I had ongoing bug on wol thats supposed to be fixed. I'm reluctant open it.
Maybe one should start new bugs on specific behavior with WOL as its working now, but could be improved.

The consensus by the persons fixing this was that wol should initiated "when needed" based on your behavior. My opinion was that there should be a menu item "WOL <your squeezecenter>" as i'm not convinced that the programmers making this can predict every situation when WOL is proper and also every situation when WOL is not wanted.

But i think it is a bug that player names and server names are lost, I don't now if any bug is filed yet for that ?

2008-09-09, 01:16
My SB2 & SB3 have a setting which holds the MAC address of the server, and it would need this in order to send a magic packet. I've not found this setting in the controller, so I don't see how it could ever wake it.

2008-09-09, 01:50
Hi Khuli

I've never seen this setting on my Duet Controller/Receiver (I have seen it on my SB3*), BUT my DUET does work with WOL so I guess it must be picking this up automatically from my SC?

I don't know what version of SC you have there, but WOL did not work at all for me with the DUET until I installed SC 7.1 (now on 7.2 which also works OK).

According to the DUET documentation if it can't automatically pickup an SC during initial setup, you are supposed to get a screen on the controller where you can specify manual setup (ip address etc) which is where you might expect to see a Mac address setting. My initial setup was a real pain, and I never got to see the manual settings screen appear no matter what I tried. The Duet kept getting almost random IP settings, until it locked on one time to the correct IP addresses and updated itself after which its been fine. I daren't disable my dhcp server to see if the manual settings box appears in the newest firmware as I don't want to break it again :)!

Hope this helps?

*I found setup of SB3 much simpler, because its NOT automatic, I think Logitech's decision to try to automate much of the duet setup is the cause of many problems people have as reflected by some comments on this board. I think it would be nice to have a "Change IP/Mac" settings on the controller for those of us who prefer manual setup. Its a difficult act to get right for every user!