View Full Version : Rhapsody in Australia

2008-09-03, 22:43
Does anyone know of a work-around for Aussies to access Rhapsody? As I understand it, Sonos owners can access Rhapsody through a bulk licence deal arranged by the Sonos local distributor. Any chance of Logitech Australia doing the same? Or is there another solution?


2008-09-05, 06:29
Surely someone here can help on this??

2008-09-05, 13:05
Sorry, can't help :(

But hopefully one day they support Napster (which is like Rhapsody but has a much better library) as we are stuck here in the UK too.

Not sure it will happen, as there is talk of a) the firmware being maxed outalready and b) The agreement with Real Networks might not allow competition with Rhapsody.